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Who we are


The activities of Arroyo S.A. are carried out all over the Costa del Sol in Málaga. These are possible thanks to the use of different kinds of machinery and other vehicles. We also cope with all the fields that are necessary in order to form a solid team of specialists in our labour.

Our labour is developed in diverse activities such as:

- Ground movement.
- Watermark walls.
- Eco-friendly walls.
- Demolitions.
- Water supply.
- Containers.
- And others.


Founded in 1958 by Mr. D. Antonio Arroyo Blanco.

Antonio Arroyo began his business with the only help of an animal traction cart. He used to supply beach sand and river gravel to building works around his village. Thanks to a strong will and much effort he managed to buy his first vehicle and then hired his first employee.
As years went by, his business and his children grew at the same time. When his sons were mature enough they never doubted about joining him in the business. They started carrying out tasks such as those of drivers and/or machine operators.
Nowadays they have become managers of a much bigger business than what they found at the beginning of their careers.

Human Team

Our company guarantees an immediate response to your needs. We will quickly repair any breakdown in our equipment since we have our own installations where we can channel all repairs for a new starting up.
Arroyo S.A., as some sort of challenge, has set out to innovate and bring up to date its machinery, as well as its personnel's knowledge. This way we can offer an excellent driving of our vehicles and a great involvement in the use of our equipment. All this is done just to offer a high quality service.


More than 40 years' dedication to ground movement have helped our company to widely develop its activities.

The following facts testify to our quality in carried out works:

- Specialization.
- Innovation and adaptation to new demands,
- Control in our works,
- An excellent team of professionals with an enormous experience,
- Constant communication with our customers.

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